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Saturday, September 02, 2006

short note...

Hey everyone! I wanted to thank everyone for the amazing support after my last post. I was feeling really down but you guys picked me right up. My schedule has made it difficult to post but I working on that so that I can get back on track with my daily posts. I will respond to everyone who posted next time I'm on line which seems like it will be tomorrow morning. I'm going to the gym in a moment and then right to an Early labor Day party and don't plan to be home early enough to post tonight...gotta live ya know. Anyway...Thanks again. You have no idea how much your encouragement has helped!



Anonymous Joie said...

Hang in there Sean! We can do this.

5:09 PM, September 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Sean,
Congratulations on your numbers, and thanks for posting them. It is amazing that you are 1)setting incredible goals, 2)really working on achieving them, 3)being so honest with all of us about your feelings on this journey.
Now, as a girl ... I gotta tell ya that you're looking much better. There is something in the stance, and the tilt of your head that has confidence - almost an attitude that says, "come get to know me", instead of the earlier picture that says, "stay away".
Another suggestion - keep your hair cut shorter (like in your latest pics, or even a bit shorter) and shave your facial hair. You have a handsome face. Let's see it!
You're doing so well. Keep it up, and don't get discouraged. Your progress in the photos is amazing, as is your fat loss.
We're all with you!
I look forward to your next posts.

8:00 PM, September 02, 2006  
Blogger evamarie said...

Hi Sean, just wanted to jump on the bandwagon and say hooray! You have accomplished so much in only 3 months. When I get frustrated by slow progress regarding my health I have to remind myself that this is a lifelong process. So:

Sean...this is a lifelong process. You are caring for yourself and that is what matters. Plus, actually, the numbers are really impressive! You have to do some math to see it, which means you're getting a brain workout as well.

I went to see a zen teacher awhile back and asked her to help me make peace with my body, and with my own struggles with my weight. She said the real work lies in loving yourself. The weight loss follows from there.

I've tried to redirect my focus from hating the fat on my body to loving my body as it is. This is so hard, and I've only made minor progress in this area, but it's really helping me to take better care of myself and yes, as a result, I'm eating better and exercising and slowly losing some weight.

When we come from a place of love we will naturally take better care of our bodies. The nature of the struggle is transformed, and the body is no longer an adversary.

xo Eva

6:58 AM, September 03, 2006  
Blogger The EYE said...

hey man, weight loss is like an art. and as an artist, i can attest to the cliche that every artist is their own worst critic. sometimes it takes other peoples eyes to see and comment on the positives of your hard work. its natural to be self-critical. thats what we're here for! we wont let you stay down for long.

4:56 PM, September 03, 2006  
Anonymous leenzii said...

*does a little 'Go Sean' dance to get some excersize in for the day*

*huffing and puffing* i think more than anything, that we're bouncing off eachother, not literally, I'd damage a few people. you're helping us and we're helping you. We'll all be fine in the long run, your struggle is ours and vice versa i guess. so, you *cannot* stay down, so there! ;) i said so!

5:10 PM, September 03, 2006  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

Happy belated Labor Day. I love that holiday. Usually I go to the parade in Toronto every year, the only parade I go to...no good floats, no good costumes...just hard working people. People who actually work for a living.

I just posted something that may or may not interest you or others trying to lose weight.

Weight gain isn't just an individuals challenge. Our society has us brainwashed to eat food that is empty in nutritional value, and makes us crave eating even MORE of it. We may eat a lot...but we are always feeling starving to death. It's spiritual and physical. Physically...much of our agricultural food is low in nutrients...sow e need larger portions to make us feel satisfied. it's a vicious cycle.

Part of your challenge is the political as well as health.

This is a big process.

Here is a post I made about crap food.


6:35 AM, September 05, 2006  
Anonymous D said...


one thing I noticed on my recent visit or two has been the barely perceptible way in which you are starting to carry yourself. A year ago, when I would see you move, it was like it was a struggle to do anything. I would wince inside. Now, even though the dramatic changes in the easily measurable stuff aren't there yet, the dramatic change that i could see is the way you are moving is a lot more determined. I can hear and see a fierce determination to have a new relationship with your body, and that's frankly inspiring. I know its hard going, but if you ever need a little lift, give me a call on the cell and I'll sing you the opening verse to "Eye of the Tiger"...


12:21 PM, September 06, 2006  
Blogger Roy said...

Shannon's right. In the first picture, you're just sort of standing. In the second, there is a sense of purpose, determination if you will. Your body language is utterly different, in a good way.

Personally, I've stalled. I've gone from averaging about 2lbs/week lost to nothing for a coupla weeks. It's disheartening. Unlike you, I can't point to an awe-inspiring twenty-freakin-three pounds of muscle gain to account for my lack of loss.

Y'know, you could have a powerlifter's body make-up. I knew a lot of powerlifters from back when I hit the iron, and those guys just kept on adding muscle and never losing fat, no matter how hard they worked. then again, all they cared about was lifting afew more plates in the air. Still, meeting your overall health needs is FAR more important than arbitrary poundage.

You've made great changes, Sean!

1:01 PM, September 06, 2006  
Anonymous Sean McG said...

Hi Sean.
I haven't seen a new post this week.
I hope you are doing well. You've made such a good start and you have people pulling for you all over the world.

Keep up the good fight.

Sean McG,
Midland, Ontario, Canada

6:31 PM, September 07, 2006  
Anonymous selina said...

Sean, remember the paperclip - remember the quarter. It's not just possible, it's happening! You're an incredible man, with generosity and inner strength to spare.

6:42 AM, September 08, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sean,

I've been reading your blog since Kyle posted a link to it on ORP.
I enjoy your writing and have taken some good advice from your adoring fans.
I've noticed in the last few weeks that it seems like you might be losing some of your earlier enthusiasm for your project. Not dedication, just enthusiasm. It's a pretty big project you've taken on: changing your diet, fitting exercise into your day, keeping a blog, raising money for charity, .... wow! I can see how you might be feeling a bit bogged down.
Now... for my 2 cents:

It took you years to gain the weight, it won't come off in a few months. Many many studies prove that slow and steady weight loss lasts, and quick losers usually re-gain the weight - plus more!
That said... the amount of fat that you've lost is really impressive and you should feel really encouraged that you're on the right track with the choices that you're making - your body is definitely responding! I've always found that visuals help. Try searching Google images for that amount of weight.
Lastly, this major change that you've made is about ALOT more than just diet and exercise. Most of the struggle to be healthy (for those of us who were not always healthy-lifestylers) is mental. I think you've done a very wise (and brave) thing by blogging this journey. As well, you now have all of us (and probably many many more who read but don't post) along for the ride and we're depending on you.
Best Wishes Sean!

9:42 AM, September 08, 2006  
Blogger Sean Perkey said...

joie: Thanks joie! I know you're right!

Shannon: Thanks for your perspective and the more I get to think about it I see what people are saying so not to worry..I'm feeling much better about the results now. As for the hair and the faical hair...wow..I see where you're coming from...as for the facial hair...I've had it a loooooong time and it's hard to give up. I might do it as my face slims some more but for now it's all about contouring so I think I'll keep it...stay tuned though...who knows. As for the hair I go back and forth on the length as most people do. When you're uncomfortable with your looks you generaly tend to stick with what makes you comfortable so Again as I start to become more confident I'm sure I'll play with shorter lengths. Thanks again for your compliments..it means a great deal!

evamarie:You always have the best advice and insight and I realy do try to follow what you suggest! Keep it coming. I really do appreciate it and not to worry..I feel much better about the results..now I just need some sleep...

theEye: I'd ahve to say if my body were a work of art It'd have to be a Rubens... lol... you make a valid point though and that's one of the reasons I started this blog and I thank people, especially people like you who continue to keep my head straight! Thanks man...really!

Well since you said so! :0)And that's why I need to get back to work and start posting again...thanks for the dance and thanks for sticking it out with me...I'm feeling a little better about my results now!

Candy: And a happy Labor day to you as well! I hope you had a good time at the parade! and I'll check out your post as soon as I respond to all my back log of responses...got a lot to do..that's what happens when you take a week off ;0)

D: Thanks Bro. I glad you posted that. Its good to get perspective from someone who has seen me at my worst and can compare! I'll take you up on that phone call soon! Thanks again!

roy: a powerlifter's body huh? I don't know man..I really hope not. I don't mean that I expect to be tiny waisted and ripped like brad pitt or anything but I don't want to be 500lbs of muscle either...could you image how much work that would be to maintain? Not to mention I just want to weigh less...I just want to be able to sit in a chair and not worry it's gonna break...I want to by clothes from a regular retail store for the same price that regular sized people pay for their clothes...Oh that's another thing...do you know how much they charge for cloths my size...It's a crime. I'll Post about it sometime soon. Thanks again though...I'm sure things won't come to that lol

Sean: Yeah..I'm back now..sorry about the lapse but thanks for riding it out with me and thanks for checking on me...Things are gonna pick up...just a minor hicckup!

Selina: Yeah...you have a point and thank you for your really kind words!

Anon: as for the loss of enthusiasm...not really so much that although maybe a little. It's reallythis sleep thing. It's driving me nuts and I can't focus on anything long enough to get it done. Like just now I'm having to fix typing mistakes every third word and it's taken me 2 hours to answer just 11 posts...between the mistakes and nodding off everyonce in a while.
as for the rest of your post...I know it took me years and you make a good point. Three months was kind of a checkpoint in my mind where I wanted to see a serious change in how I looked and when I didn't see it I was dissapointed. That and the insomnia and foot pain just accumulated and drained my enthusiasm but I'm working through it all with the help of everyone here and I'm sure it'l all be just fine. Now I just need to get some real sleep and Life will be great.
Thanks again for your thoughts! I really do appreciate everything you said and I will continue to post and we will all get through this together. And who's to say that this drama won't just serve to make my story more interesting in the end. ;0)

12:49 PM, September 08, 2006  
Blogger Roy said...

Yeah, a lot of your comments about size are applicable to powerlifters. Thos eguys shell out the bucks for clothes, buy special chairs, the whole nine yards. Still, you could be one of those people whose natural anabolic processes are just super-strong, and your body just jams on muscle. At some point you'll probably plateau on the explosive muscle growth, and that is when the fat will come off more noticably.

6:40 PM, September 10, 2006  

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