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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Proud, relieved, intrigued...

It's 12:10am where I live and a moment ago my page counter click over to 7,000 hits since made my very first post...in 53 days...7,000 unique clicks! You guys are the best! Your continued support and encouragement through my first crazy month and the days that preceded...nothing but great replies and emails from really wonderful people. Of course I can't forget Kyle from One Red Paperclip.com for shining the light and showing everyone the way here. Thanks Man and Nice House my friend! I can't wait to see what you have planned next! I still have a long row to hoe butit's only bigger and better and smaller and thinner things from here on out!!

Next...If you had a chance to check out my Food and Workout post for tonight you'll be happt to note that I was able to get in and get 1/2 treadmill time and 100 crunches...more importantly...very little heel pain! Wahoo...I think that a lot of you folks were right...I may have "Plantars fasciitis". I did some of the indicated exsecises and took some Ibuprofin this morning and Wha-lah loads less pain! Oh yeah....After I pushed myself like that I feel like something missing had just popped into place. I dunno..I feel like this thing is about to kick in big time. It's hard to explain but I feel really good right now and am looking forward to tomorrow's work out. We may just be on our way. Stay tuned!


I received an email today from a young writer who is working on a novel and he asked me if he could interview me about my experience being severely over weight. It seems that one of his characters is roughly my size and since he has no personal experience being my size and since he read my blog and feels that I'm able to be candid about my experiences he thinks that I may be able to give him some good character development info.

I love the idea and I plan to write him back and accept his request.... (by the way if you are the guy that sent me the email and you read this...consider it my response and start getting your questions ready because i'll be in touch sometime within the next 48 hours. I'd email you right now but I need sleep!)

So there she dear watchers...another day and a positive outlook....all in all a good thing..no? :0)


Blogger Billy Guilfoyle said...

Congratulations Seanster!!! You are the best candidate for this character study because you are a true wealth of knowledge and you are such a giving and helpful person. You've helped many of us who never knew the intricacies of being heavy and having to turn down dances with women because of our bodies going in different and uncontrollable directions, or what it's like to be stared at by people who are filled with fear and judgment and prejudice, or what it's like to have to bring along your own stool just because many establishments do not have anything but unstable plastic chairs that collapse easy under the stress of weight. If it weren't for you and your countless truths and helpful revelations about the life of an over weight person, I know for sure I myself would be residing in a state of ignorance to a degree that lessens my compassion and understanding, the very qualities needed in order to help each other heal. Peace and many continuous blessings to you. I cannot wait to give you another hug, and for some reason, I think next time we'll both be able to reach all the way around. But no grabbin my ass now, ya hear?

Friends and strong lives,
Billy G.

1:25 AM, July 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi sean,

i started paying closer attention to what i eat recently. while doing so, i stumbled across this really cool website that can track your food, calories, nutritional content, and even excercize. and it's free. i think they are working on a feature where you can share what you are eating with others as well. thought you might like it:


4:42 AM, July 18, 2006  
Blogger The EYE said...

right on man! positive thinking will bring positive results, for sure! glad your heel is starting to feel better, and having an idea about what might be wrong is certainly a good start to helping solve the problem.

keep up the good work, i know youre already seeing results, and soon the scale will show some as well (as soon as it decides to play nice)!

btw - i'm down 7 lbs in the last 4 weeks - thanks for the inspiration! coming here every day helps keep me in line. if youre willing to fight the good fight and lose more than my entire body weight, i can certainly work to lose a few pounds of my own.

keep it up!

5:44 AM, July 18, 2006  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

Great and amazing what a lot of visitors. Incredible! And you deserve them. We are lucky to be able to visit you.

I have a feeling your turn around is about to show up on the scales and your clothes too. Remember what you said about memntum and inertia? Well, maybe the seemingly lack of chage is just the inertia changing its patterns and soon the pendulum will swing another way. The first month of working out and diet is really the toughest...the hormones and chemicals and your skin are all adapting to more water and different kinds of food.

Thinking of you,

8:27 AM, July 18, 2006  
Blogger Paul Babin said...

Hey there Sean . . just dropping a line. Awesome about the podcast . . . check into The Hollywood Podcast to see how one guy did it . . (so far this is the best one that I saw) Tim Coyne does some interviews with authors as well . . . so maybe with your podcast you can focus on your quest to get awareness about your goal to lose weight and the issues around diabetes. That would be really awesome . . you could say a little about yourself, interview doctors on the different types and how some is reversible and some is not . . . interview people who have gotten rid of it . . interview a person who is dealing with it, all the while focusing on the strengths . . anywise . . I think you catch my drift . . . check Keith and the Girl, Pacific Coast Hellway and Red Bar Radio for ideas on what to do and what not to do. I've been bored at work as you can see.

Dude . . . 7,000 unique hits . . that is awesome . . more and more people are going to know about what you are struggling through. Keep up all the technical work!

9:58 PM, July 18, 2006  
Blogger Sean Perkey said...

Billy: Thanks! I'm curious as to what kinds of questions he's gonna ask...
Awww man it's all in the interest of being honest with myself but I guess I do have an obligation or at least a unique opportunity to shed some light on what people like myself go through on a daily basis. Can't wait to see you man... when are you coming into town?

Anonymous: Hey thanks for the link. I've looked into a similar sight and I may do that sometime but with all the time it already takes me to document what i do daily adding that chart may just be too much for me to handle...I tried doing one once and just tracking down the correct foods and brands in their data base for one day took almost an hour and I just don't have any more time...but have no fear...it's a great Idea and I may yet find the time... thanks again!

The EYE: I don'tthink I've thanked you enough for the constant encouragement. I really do appreciate it! And congrats on your own loss as well...shedding some lbs sure goes a long way to feeling a little more limber and just a fouple of pounds can have so many positive health benefits! Keep up the good work and keep me informed..cool?

Hey Thanks...I'm just glad to have been found and that people find what I have to say interesting at all. It's all quite flattering.
I hope you're right. I certainly do feel ready for a change...the next weak or so will tell and I may go weigh myself again at my regular scale just out of curiosity...we'll see :)

Paul:Cool link..if you find a really good video pod cast shoot me that link too ok?
I'm excited about doing it especially with Justin's help. It ought to be pretty good but I'm worried about finding enough info to create a podcast long enough to be worth while on a weekly basis...I just don't want to start and then run out of Ideas like 2 weeks in lol!
You have a goop idea though, about the interviews..I could probably find a lot of material interviewing others... Thanks Man! When are you in town next?

1:18 AM, July 19, 2006  
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