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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A little Perspective...

I have another donation to mention! A huge, Watch My Loss, thank you to

Alain Lapalme

For a generous donation to diabetes research! You gift brings us up to $481.11 (2 donations pending entry)! Thanks Alain!


Ok! I thought tonight that I'd give everyone a little perspective on just what 250lbs looks like. Trust me I didn't really understand what I was up against until I started searching the internet for "Things that weigh 250LBS!"

the first item on our list tonight is a really good way to illustrate 250 lbs of fat... I give you...

250 Lbs of Silly Putty

Can you say eewww? I know I can. Good gravey that's a lot of silly putty. Imagine carrying that around with you every day...

Ok...next we turn to the animal kingdom for a cute and fuzzy if not dangerous in a "don't corner me or my cubs or I'll scratch your eyes out and eat your splean while wearing your entrails for a hat" sort of fashion. Seeee 250Lbs can kill you in more than one way... I give you...

250LB Mountain Lion (cougar)

The subject of our next image not only weighs 250lbs but is named after a tasty treat that if eaten on a regular basis could cause someone to gain 250 extra lbs...I give you

250lbs of rockin' Meatloaf

And last but not least a child hood idol of mine. I guess it goes to prove that when we mature we must sometimes lose childish things...I give to you...

Mark "Mr. 70 home run in 1 season" Mcgwire
Big Mac
Agent Orange
One half of the Bash Brothers

That's right folks I'm acctually carrying around the equivalent of Mark Mc-freaking-gwire on me in addition to my own lean body mass...Yikes...

I guess I have my work cut out for me... ;)


Blogger The EYE said...

it's actually kind of interesting to note that Mark McGuire and Meatloaf both weigh the same, yet look rather different.

in fact, i think it totally goes to show that the numbers only mean so much... its all in the health and the way you carry the weight. it goes without saying that Mark McGuire is exceedingly fit, and Meatloaf of course would be on a different point in the fitness spectrum.

it's the circumference of various areas on the body (waist, belly, chest, bicept, thigh, neck, etc.) - the inches that count, not so much the pounds.

i would love to see it if you kept track of those changes as well. you don't even need to tell us what the actual measurements are if you don't want to, but just the same you can tell us when measurements change. taking them is something you can probably get your trainer, or maybe brother or somebody to help you with. the flexible tape measures that taylors and seamstresses and whatnot use are pretty inexpensive.

besides, it will help you out with that pesky part of our brains that want to see statistical changes, rather than just the subjective "feeling" changes when we're losing weight.

oh, and i noted the interesting workout you had with your trainer - i have to imagine that did wonders for your heel (except maybe the squats?), so that's very cool.

woah. long comment. sorry bout that. :/

6:04 AM, July 19, 2006  
Anonymous Wizie said...

This comparison reminds me of a piece of art done by Maya Lin, who designed the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial. She created a retangular mould that was the same height as she was and filled it with wax (at least I think it was wax). Once complete, it was an external representation of herself, same height, same weight, but it did not contain that which quintissential to human beings, a soul (or a consciousness, if you prefer). Therefore, this 250lbs. is part of your physical nature but is not you.

Do you find that objectifying the weight that you want to loose a good conceptual tool? Is it daunting or helpful?

1:04 PM, July 19, 2006  
Blogger Sean Perkey said...

Eye: I thought that was interesting as well. You have a good point. That's exactly why I chose 250 lbs as a goal rather that the 300 that I would like to lose. I remembered that the last time I weighed 270 lbs I looked like I weighed 220 because of the muscle I had built up. I figure this time I'll lose the 250 and then reaccess based on fitness level and fat content. I do think that eventually I would like to get down to about 220 (at which point I would probably look wicked ripped)

I do plan to start tracking my measurements as well but I've been lazy about jumping on it.. If I were to do it though you know I'm not going to shy away from letting people know the numbers.

"interesting workout" yeah LOL I swear I think he just sits around thinking of shit to do to me...LOL but really though we do some really different things each time and I feel like I'me getting all my muscles involved. As far as the squats go they really don't hurt too much it's more the walking motion that kills my heel so thank goodness I was able to keep up with everything except the treadmill. Now even that is back so I'm back on track!
Now worries about long comments. I appreciate the input, thanks!

Thanks for the info on Maya Lin. I googled her and looked at some of her amazing work, thank you! And, you have a good point for me to remember..."I am not my weight"

As for objectifying the 250 lbs didn't really affect me. It was for comedic perposes... and because I know that most beople can't visualize 250lbs. SO, I thought I'd give them an Idea...
how did you find it? Did it give you a better idea of what that amount of weight looks like?

11:32 PM, July 20, 2006  
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