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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

eBay Auction Posted!

Well all's left is to wait! I posted my eBay austion a little while ago and have my fingers crossed! I really hope this works because I would like to get this started as soon as possible. Everyone do me a favor and check out my eBay Auction and let me know what you think. I want to generate as much traffic as I can!

Monday, May 29, 2006

It's about Go Time!

Ok, It's just about time to kick this thing into gear! I just finished my press release and will have that sent out tonight. Thanks to my buddy Justin Farren I got some pictures of my handsome mug and uploaded them to my web site. I'm about to start building my eBay auction and hope to have that up by Thursday or Friday at the latest. After that I wait and see if anyone takes notice!

I've decided to start my weight loss program as soon as my ebay auction ends no matter the outcome of the auction. At that time I'll make my first $100 donation to the American Diabetes Association and will begin actively seeking matching donations and individual contributions through my Community E-Campaign page on the ADA web site. So, feel free to donate. I'm trying to raise $50,000 before I lose 250 lbs so let's give something radical a try. You always hear people say "If everyone would give only $1 dollar we could reach our goal today!" so lets actually give that a try. Everyone out there who reads this, even if you don't think you can afford to donate...just donate 1 dollar. Just one dollar! Damn that's simple huh? Donate through my Community E-Campaign page. Hand it to me in person. Mail it. Strap it to a carrier pigeon! Let's do this so fast that we have to raise another $50,000 just to kill time until I lose the weight.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Sean Perkey

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thank you Dr. Nguyen!

So things are progressing swimmingly. I'm hoping to have my ProfiyFromMyLoss.com web site up by the beginning of next week. I've been trying to learn Adobe GoLive so it may not be much to look at at first but at least it will be a place where I can keep people updated of my progress!

Also, at my request, my doctor at Kaiser has been kind enough to supply me with a work modification letter stating that he wants me to work no longer than 24 hours a week until Dec. 31. Wahoo! Now of course that means that if no one bids on my auction I'm gonna be a broke ass fool until next year but it also means I should have about 4 days off weekly to focus on my health, raising money for my project and re-focusing on FireChild Music Education!

Ok, now for the first set back. I contacted the American Diabetes Association and it doesn't seem that they are interested in endorsing my fundraising project. They did however say that they would foward my information to a program they just started called Shaping America's Health which, I'm told, deals solely with obesity and its related health problems. Obviously these do not know with whom they are dealing! I don't give up that easily and I will have their endorsement! Then, in a year or so, when I present them with a check for $50,000 on the Ophra Winfrey what are they gonna say then! What?! I got plans folks! This ain't no game! Mark my words...250lbs...$50,000 for diabetes research, Oprah!


Monday, May 22, 2006

First Post...First step

Well here we go! I hope that this will be as interesting and as fulfilling for others as I expect it to be for me.

Like it says up there at the top of the page, I'm about to start a journey, both personal and public. Things, in my life, have come to a head and I am in desperate need of a dramatic change. To give you an idea what I'm dealing with here let me lay out the low points...

During my last Dr's appt I weighed in at a seriously unhealthy 520 lbs. (yeah that's what I said) Over the last year I've gone from pre-diabetic to just plain Diabetic which comes with symptoms such as fatigue, poor circulation, numbness in fingers and toes, painful feet and several other fun medical problems like the chance of kidney failure and blindness. I have sleep happen which means that sometimes I stop breathing when I sleep so I don't get restful sleep at night. I've dealt with slight anemia which also leaves me seriously fatigued. There has also been a fair amount of depression. To top it all off I was rear ended at full speed while sitting still in freeway traffic about 2 months ago so my neck and back are all sorts of jacked up, which also causes sleeplessness.

This blog is not a place for me to complain or feel sorry for myself. This blog is a place for rebirth and creative action for change!

So here's the plan!

I've never been one to do thing in a completely ordinary fashion and now is not the time to begin. I have a large mountain to climb and I plan to make some noise doing it.

First of all I've decided to reduce my schedule at work so that I can focus on my health and fitness program and return to devoting time to the music education program that I started with Clay and concerts4charity.com last year (my issues with health and other personal things have taken me away for far too long). But...I still have bills to pay so what to do...what to do?

I know! Get a sponsor!

Ok! I know your asking yourself "what?" but just wait...it's not as crazy as you my think.

Just search eBay and you can't help coming across auctions for people willing to tattoo a company's logo on their arm or leg or forehead for some outlandish amount of cash. Companies like GoldenPalace.com (who can't legally advertise their online casino sites via most main stream methods) are willing to pay top dollar when they find a person with a scheme that will garner them some publicity.

Now you're asking "how do you expect to clamber above the din of other's seeking the similar deals?"

Well It's all in what I offer, the length of time I'll offer my services and the publicity value of my story AND there is a charity angle that I will explain a little later in my post.

What I am requesting from my sponsor: $15,000 to $20,000 (keep in mind that GoldenPalace.com once paid a woman $18,000 to shave her head and tattoo their logo on her scalp for 1 year)

What I offer:
1. I will shave my head and tattoo their logo on the back of my head and keep my head shaved until I lose 250 LBS (essentially Half my body weight) (this could take up to 2 years...already 2 times the publicity for the same money)

2. I will arrange local media coverage for the shaving and tattooing.

3. In addition to sporting the logo on my freshly shorn noggin I will wear the company's logo on my workout clothing every time I go to the gym until I reach my goal weight.

4. I will get the company's website URL placed on the back of my Brand new 2006 Chevy Malibu in vinyl lettering until my goal weight has been met.

5. (this is where the charity angle comes in) I will personally place $100 dollars into a bank account each month until I lose half my body weight. I will also seek matching funds from anyone willing to participate in an attempt to raise $50,000 which will be donated to the American Diabetes Association. If I reach my goal of $50,000 I will use every bit of my personal negotiation skill to get the final donation covered by national media or booked onto a national talk show. (I think it can be done!)

To make sure the donation process is legit I have contacted the American Diabetes Association and spoke with a representative about my Idea. They are going to discuss it and send me some forms to fill out. Hopefully they will get onboard and make the offer that much more attractive.

...oh yeah...if my hair is long enough when they shave my head I will be donating my shorn locks to a charity that makes wigs and hair pieces for survivors of cancer. (It still needs to grow a couple more inches before it will be suitable for donation)

In addition to all of this I will maintain this blog and my website http://www.profitfrommyloss.com which will have updated information about my progress any press or positive or negative attention I get.

So...? What do you think? wanna donate? let me know and keep checking back for updates.

Thank your for your interest...let's see where this takes us...

Monday, May 01, 2006

Contact Information

For all inquiries please contact:

Sean Perkey

Cell: (916) 308-6841

email: ukefoo@earthlink.net