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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thank you Dr. Nguyen!

So things are progressing swimmingly. I'm hoping to have my ProfiyFromMyLoss.com web site up by the beginning of next week. I've been trying to learn Adobe GoLive so it may not be much to look at at first but at least it will be a place where I can keep people updated of my progress!

Also, at my request, my doctor at Kaiser has been kind enough to supply me with a work modification letter stating that he wants me to work no longer than 24 hours a week until Dec. 31. Wahoo! Now of course that means that if no one bids on my auction I'm gonna be a broke ass fool until next year but it also means I should have about 4 days off weekly to focus on my health, raising money for my project and re-focusing on FireChild Music Education!

Ok, now for the first set back. I contacted the American Diabetes Association and it doesn't seem that they are interested in endorsing my fundraising project. They did however say that they would foward my information to a program they just started called Shaping America's Health which, I'm told, deals solely with obesity and its related health problems. Obviously these do not know with whom they are dealing! I don't give up that easily and I will have their endorsement! Then, in a year or so, when I present them with a check for $50,000 on the Ophra Winfrey what are they gonna say then! What?! I got plans folks! This ain't no game! Mark my words...250lbs...$50,000 for diabetes research, Oprah!



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