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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm full of it...

Quick edit***

I want to take a quick moment to send a huge thank you to the 3 latest contributers to my Diabetes fundraiser. I can't believe how many wonderful people are really stepping up and laying it down for the cause. I personally thank each and every one of you for your generous gifts!

Brooke O'dell
Robin L.
Charil Lorenzo

New Total $521.11
Thanks eveyone!


"it" being Ideas or big dreams and schemes!

As I mentioned in a previous post I "run" a non-profit music education program here in my home town (I use the quotation marks because the program was kind of on auto pilot last year but I'm hoping to have more time and energy to dedicate to it this coming school year). So far the money we need has been raised through Show's that we put on in local venues with local bands and through grants that my partner Clay writes. We have dreams of making the program a big deal and expanding our student base or at least being able to reach a lot more children than we already do. All of which takes money.

I've been thinking lately about doing something fun on the internet like this blog that could raise money for not only our Music Ed Program but could raise Awareness about the lack of Music ED in public schools and maybe raise funds for us and other programs like ours out there doing good work.

I don't want to give away the whole project because I the last thing I need is for someone to snag it and do it before I even get it off the ground. I'll give you the jist though and maybe you can let me know what you think.

Ok, So I have a 1975 mustang II that is in need of a new engine and tranny as well as a good paint job and interior. Actually the paint and the interior are ok but I'm looking to really pimp this thing out like on that MTV show. My plan is to find a custom shop who will quote me a price to completely rebuild the car...maybe even donate some of the work but quote us a price and write us a letter of promise to do the job at that price. (under our parent non-profit our program has 501c3 status in the US so any work or parts they donate would be tax deductible) Then I have a product in mind to sell for $1 each (an extra 50 cents if shipping is needed) and we could sell as many of those as it took to raise the funds to rebuild the car. Once the car was complete I would use it for 1 year for publicity purposes for the non-profit and then I would Auction off the car and all the proceeds would go to music education...our project and maybe one or 2 nationally known programs like "Little Kids Rock"...

I'm expecting the bill to be around $20,000 maybe less (anyone out there familliar with rebuilding clasic cars let me know how far off I am. the body is very sound and only has minor dents) and I think it could be done. I may even be able to get the "product" I want to sell donated as well otherwise I'll have to tack on another $3,000 to cover that...

I've wanted to use the mustang for something charity related since I'm begining to think I may never rebuild it for my own use. Also I would really like to push the premise that you can make a $1 dollar donation and make a huge difference.

I'm not sure when I would start but I'd like to get it going this year if possible. It's a matter of getting the right shop to deliver the right quote and getting the product lined up to sell.

So, what do you think would you pay a dollar to give a child the gift of music?


Anonymous Leenzii said...

I certainly would, so keep me posted on just what that product is and if 50c is international shipping or not :P i guess it wouldn't be so I'd not be a tight Scot.

Thanks for popping by my place too ;)

5:44 AM, July 26, 2006  
Blogger Gasolina said...

I have a great idea! It could be a one great track mini-CD with some local musicians (ones who may be involved in the program) playing with some kids who are having a kick-ass time doing some music (just like the program). That way, the sales item is itself living proof of how great music is for kids. The little CD's are pretty cheap, although it might have to be 3 bucks or so to raise some money.

I'd buy that!

5:49 AM, July 26, 2006  
Anonymous Leenzii said...

I see that you're still up and about there. I like Selina's idea too.....i'd buy that!

7:02 AM, July 26, 2006  
Blogger Gasolina said...

The other thing I was going to say is that we have a VERY cool program here in Ottawa, Canada called "Blues in the Schools" that has been going swimmingly for a number of years. My daughter participated a couple of years ago, and it really inspired her (she plays keyboards now). Some parents beg their kids to practise, I get my kid to cooperate by threatening to take away her power chord. What can I say? I live in a house blessed with music.

11:02 AM, July 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, this is definitely off topic, but thought you might be interested... I was watching Oprah the other day and thought of you. She was talking about weight loss and had her personal trainer on and he was saying that if you are trying to lose weight, especially if you are building muscle, then you should NEVER weigh yourself in the first two months because you start retaining water pretty sgnificantly and your weight can fluctuate by 10-15 lbs!!! He said that you should wait for at least a month and then only weigh yourself once/week or it can be really discouraging, but once your body figures out how much water to retain and regulates itself you will start to see real progress. So chin up, we're all feeling your discouragement and we're all still here pulling for you. I hope this helps.

4:32 PM, July 26, 2006  
Blogger Sean Perkey said...

Leenzii: I'll just go ahead and tell you all the product. My Idea was to sell red guitar picks...(kyle from one red paperclip has encouraged others to start their own trading games so I chose a red guitar pick to pay tribute to the god father of the trade)
anyway...I figure that If I charge everyone on line 50 cents shipping it would all even out for the few international shipping charges that I'll need to cover.
I could even go as far as to have people take a picture with their guitar picks and we could have a huge gallery with 20,000 pictures of peoples creative photos with their guitar picks. (I have other ideas for the photos but I'll go into that later)

Selina: That's a great Idea and it's something that we intend to do eventually. Record the children playing, record local musicians with the children etc. I think that the mini CD's would be a little expensive for this project. I'm kind set on the guitar pick cause they're cheap, they're symbolic and the shape can be used for branding purposes. Also I'm really set on the $1 purchase price. I'd like to prove that something like this can be done 1 dollar at a time.
you have a good Idea though and I think a lot of people would go for that.

that's awesome about your daughter finding music through "Blues In The Schools". You obviously know how improtant music can be in a child's development. I'm proud of you for being the type of parent who encourages their childrens' creative endeavors! :o)

Thank you that is good Advice. I've had my struggles with finding an accurate scale and wondering if my results are coming as fast as they should but I've fallen into a rythm now and I'm just about at the 7 week point now and I'm content with how I feel physically. I plan to wait 1 more week before I weigh myself again and then every 2 weeks for a few months. Then once I get down to where I can trust the scale's to be very accurate I plan to start weighing once a week. So, not to worry. I know that this is going to take a Loooong time so even if i get discouraged there's no reason to give up because I haven't reached my goal...so in reality there is no failure unless I quit.

12:58 AM, July 27, 2006  
Blogger Gasolina said...

I LOVE the one red guitar pick idea! You're right about showing everyone how only $1 can make a big difference if lots of people do it. I want a red guitar pick as soon as they are available.

12:23 PM, July 27, 2006  
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