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Friday, September 15, 2006

Music to my ears...

Well, yesterday Blogger seemed to be having server trouble so no posting for me... :0(

But! Today is a new day and we're up and running! Yay us!

So...music education. I've mentioned how important music is in my life and how I started a music education program with couple of friends a couple of years ago. Well it's not all glitz and glamour but yesterday was one of those days that makes you really appreciate the cool stuff we get to do. One of the things we do for our students is invite local musicians into the class room to share their music and experiences with the students. Yesterday my partner Clay arranged for local musician Amber Padget from the band "spider silk dresses" to play for one of our classes and I got to go hang out and watch our work in action.

Amber Padget

Amber with the class

I want to thank Amber for coming out and doing this for us. It was a great day. Amber was fantastic and the students were attentive and had several good questions for Amber about how she got started playing music and what her music meant to her. I've always thought that it's important to have musicians play for the students so that they can see the practical application of the skill they are learning.


Blogger Candy Minx said...

This is a really wonderful program. I bet Amber had an amazing experience too!

8:16 AM, September 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome post, man. What a great reminder about how important it is to remember to do those things that happen every day that change people's lives, one little bit at a time. Have a great week, Sean. ~ m ~

7:54 PM, September 17, 2006  
Blogger Scrapnqueen said...

That's so cool. I just started teaching piano again, after a two-year hiatus, and it's so awesome to see how music can affect the kids--and watch their imaginations expand as they dream of the possibilities. Not to mention the self-confidence they gain as they master a new skill, and hear "You're so talented" from all their family and friends! (Sometimes I think talent is just being given the opportunity to learn and improve in a skill others do not want to take the time and effort to do. Maybe so, but it's always nice to hear that "you're so talented" compliment, anyway.)

Great job, Sean. You guys keep on with your good work--someone needs to, and you and I know how the schools cut back on the arts before anything else, it seems. :-(

10:56 PM, September 17, 2006  
Blogger Invader Stu said...

I always enjoyed it when musician came into school when I was little. They would lay instruments out for us to try and I always loved getting my hands on then and seeing what sounds they could make.

This sounds like an amazing program you have started.

7:02 AM, September 18, 2006  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

Just another quick hello Sean, just checking in on you. Hope your foot is getting some rest and maybe you'll have been having some swims instead of treadmill.

Keep up your spirits bud!

6:44 AM, September 19, 2006  
Blogger Sean Perkey said...

Candy: She seemed to have a lot of fun. I sure hope she did. She deserves it too. I neglected to mention that her appartment had just burned down a couple of weeks before so she was taking time out of her hectic day to help us out...so we really appreciate what she did for us and the kids!

~ m ~: Thanks! I think we enjoy it as much as the kids do!

Scrapqueen: That's awesome! I'm glad you're teaching again! I wish I had learned to play piano...or heck any instrument. As it is now I'm trying to teach myself to play the ukulele but it's slow going. When I get good enough I think i'm going to buy like 10 ukuleles and start up a class with those that I can teach. Than would be a blast and something unique for the kids! I like your take on talent and I agree. I hope you don't mind If I quote you next time I speak with a schiool administrator about our program...

Stu: thanks Stu! I love to watch the kids make music. I love the empowerment they get from it...Music can be such an amazing part oof childrens' lives but it's one of the first things they cut when the money drys up. the mind can not subsist on math alone!

Candy: Thanks for the pop--inn! I'm doing better foot wise...and we swim on Saturday!! :0)

3:36 AM, September 20, 2006  

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