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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hellooooo nurse!

Hey Ho Blogger fans! Your friendly neighborhood insomniac here trying to come up with something to write... hmmm.... well you'll be happy to know that I finally did a little shopping and got some marinade to make my chicken much better. I cooked a little up for my brother and myself tonight, threw in some pasta and a nich spinach salad with little tiny tomatoes and, if I do say so myself, it was quite good!

I know, I know...nothing original but for one who doesn't cook much it's a good start. Now I have to break out the wonderful Cookbook Talena sent to me and I'll be in business.

what else? Well...I've been resting my foot as much as possible which means little to no Cardio. I've tried the stationary bikes but because of my gut I can't quite pedal yet. But I think that soon that may be an alternative to the treadmill. If the pool is quiet enough my trainer said that he would show me some pool exercises that I can do to het my heart rate up and if that works I may try that once a week as well. I really hope this foot gets better soon so I can work out at the intensity I know I need to in order to get the most benefit. And then once I loose a bulk of weight and I can use the other tools available to me my foot can go right back to hurting if it wants...I just want like 2 months of pain free time to get on track. Well..regardless..it goes on. I'm still waiting back on news about further testing or refferrals to the appropriate departments but my behavioral specialist did call me today to get up to speed on what I discussed with my Dr so at least they're on the same page. Oddly enough It would be a huge relief to find out that I'm right. Then I would know where all this fatigue has been coming from for years and why I'm always on the verge of sleep. With the right treatment things could really be much different for me. I'd like to be able to take a long road trip and not worry about falling asleep behind the wheel and killing myself and others. Maybe I can finally go visit my brother in LA again and stop making excuses or putting it off.

Being less tired will also allow me to be more active which will help me maintain the weight loss I am able to achieve. It could have also prevented some of the weight gain...but let's not live in the past.

Ok...enough of that for now. I feel like a broken record.

Tomorrow I hope to have something new to write about. I'll put my mind on it all day and see what I come up with.

G'night all... *


Anonymous Trent said...

Good to see you are still working hard. Keep it up. You have lots of people rooting for you.

5:50 AM, September 14, 2006  
Blogger The EYE said...

you said it could have prevented some of the weight gain, but not to live in the past... youre putting the perspective wrong though - it could help prevent FUTURE weight gain. thats good!

glad to hear things are working out in the sleepy-time world. hope you got some sleepy-time, at that.

6:50 AM, September 14, 2006  
Blogger cutekiwi said...

i have to say i know what it's like to finally be belived about a health condition. I had some chronic pain issues and for the longist time i kept seeing drs and they i felt like they were just treating me like i was whining till one fianlly listened (after 6 years) and i went to a specialist about it ... HA turns out i'm not a whiner but it was such a releif to find out that it wasn't in my head. Keep going though you've made good progress and i'm sure you'll keep at it. Have you thought about the stationary bikes that lean back in more of a sitting position? I find the upright ones are downright uncomfortable. good idea on the water excercises though ... low impact but good cardio and it will be easier on your joints and stuff especially if you have knee issues and stuff. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

9:37 PM, September 14, 2006  
Blogger Sean Perkey said...

Trent: Thanks Trent! I appreciate all the support!

The Eye: Ahhh yes my friend good point! Allways looking forward! :0)

cutekiwi: Yeah. It is nice to have someone take you seriously about something like this. I'm glad you finally found some help!
As for the cardio. I've tried all types of stationary bikes but because of my body shape at the momnent it's really hard to pedal continuously.
Not to wory though! Despite it all I'll keep pluggin and we'll get there in time!

12:09 PM, September 15, 2006  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

The post on narclopsoy was fascinating! I am really curious to see how this turns out.

8:21 AM, September 16, 2006  
Blogger Scrapnqueen said...

Hey, again! Yay! for cooking. (Hey, check out the "Time and Money-Saving Tips" in the back of that cookbook if you are feeling a little overwhelmed at first!)

Have you tried the pool again since you posted about it? I was just thinking that if you had the opportunity, it might help you work out at a higher intensity without making your foot worse. Sorry if someone already asked and you answered. I've been so busy lately, I barely have time to maintain my own blog, and my reading has fallen a little behind.

10:52 PM, September 17, 2006  
Blogger Sean Perkey said...

Candy: Thanks..I thought so too. And I can't wait either :0)

scrapqueen: I'll be trying the pool with my trainer on saturday. we're going to do the whole workout in the pool and I'm going to learn some cardio for the pool. I'm pretty excited. and I'll check that part of the book tomorrow! Thhanks!

3:23 AM, September 20, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Sean,
I have a friend down south that I could go visit, so let me know if you ever want to go visit your brother. I love to drive and I don't doze! My singing might even keep you away ;) KA

5:01 PM, September 20, 2006  
Blogger WeightWatchNWoman said...

I hope that your foot is doing better. Very nice blog. I will be back to read it and comment. I too am on my road to losing weight.

6:50 PM, October 01, 2006  

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