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Monday, June 05, 2006

T - 2 days from 1st workout!

I am nervous as well as excited. If I had butterflies in my stomach the larger winged creatures that seem to occupy the same space would probably eat them.

Today my task is to fill out the dietary preference form that will allow my trainer to conjure up a diet that will fit my tastes. They want to know things like what meats would you eat? And I would say...I'm down with chicken breasts and beef but ixney on the ishfey cause frankly, well, it tastes like fish! Turkey I can get behind but get thee behind me shrimp (ew)!

From the looks of this form there is almost nothing I can't eat but I guess moderation is the rule. My normal diet, which I'm sure I'll get into as I suffer the pangs of withdrawal over the next few weeks...er months, is a stellar concoction of carbs and fat! I'm used to eating about 2 times a day, generally lunch from the "roach coach" (Sorry Ben. It's just a figure of speech. You and your mother make a seriously tasty burger!) and then whatever I feel like for dinner. At about 9pm or so so it just sits there all night going straight to my "Problem areas" (read - everywhere on my body that stores fat).

I am excited about getting started. I know that the first few days will be torture even if educational but in a few weeks, when I start to notice the changes in my metabolism and energy levels I think that this is going to be fun. Gotta get over that hump. Anyone got a ladder??


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